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Jewellery Terms & Definitions

The Venetian and Murano beads are all handmade in Murano, a small island just a 5 minute boat ride from Venice. Each bead is individually and skilfully handcrafted using methods passed down through the generations, because of this they will vary minutely in size and colour from batch to batch. SkaraDesigns Jewellery make all kinds of jewellery but the more sumptuous beads are filled with White Gold, Sterling Silver or 24k Gold.
Annealed Process of heating then slow cooling in order to toughen and strengthen
Aventurine Suspended copper flakes (also known as aventurina, avventurina)


A teardrop shaped bead that is faceted on all sides

Ca'd'Oro Venetian beads with a rich speckling of 24k goldfoil. The goldfoil is suspended in transparent Murano glass.


Changes colour when different light hits it, (pronounced die-crow-ic).


flat surfaces ground onto beads or stones to create a more reflective surface


Jewellery components used to connect other jewellery components, ie, clasps and earing hooks


Meaning floral. Flowers on or inside the glass beads.

Freshwater pearl

A pearl formed in a mollusk that lives in freshwater rather than salt water


Small particles of crushed or ground glass


Sterling silver with a layer of high karat gold bonded by heat and pressure (not electroplated) over it's surface


Tapped with a small hammer to create a wavy texture

Karen Hill Tribe

Refers to the Karen Hill tribe in Thailand who handcraft Sterling silver jewellery and components (96 - 99% pure silver)

Kidney wires

Earwires which fasten at the back with a little loop


Special oven for beads.


Glass beads formed by placing molten glass on a mandrel and shaping it with a torch.


Metal tube used to support molten glass as it is formed into a bead. the mandrel creates the hole in the bead.


Meaning a thousand flowers. These are the more traditional venetian beads


Strips of transluscent glass over coloured foil.


Bead shaped like a flattened ball or saucer shape.


Any stone suitable for use in jewellery that is not a diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald


Used to describe a technique where small flecks of brightly coloured glass are gathered inside clear glass to add depth to the bead.

Spacer beads

Small beads used to accent and to separate beads


Sterling silver base (at least 92.5% pure silver) plated with gold, (pronounced vermay)

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